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Crusader Kings 2 Adult Modsl

if youve been looking for a mod that adds a little spice to the crusader kings series, this mod is it. with this mod you can choose to play any of the seven pagan gods as your player character, and you can choose which god you want to follow when the game begins. since this mod adds 7 completely new gods to crusader kings 2, you can still choose to follow a god that you were following in the original game, or start off as a completely different god. adding a new god to the series allows for a more in-depth experience, and with the new religion mechanics added in crusader kings 3, it allows the god of war to have more say in shaping a kingdom than he did in the past. - leana hafer, february 8, 2022

Crusader Kings 2 Adult Modsl


when i first encountered the venerable crusader kings 2, i was excited to play as a viking. my first mod for the game added an entirely new culture to the game, and i loved it. after all, what is more viking than adding sea ships to the game? the naval combat was fun, as were the naval victories that could be earned in battle. the only problem is that it never really seemed like you were vikings. instead, it was just like playing a paradox interactive game. but that was okay, because i still loved the game and the new cultures and religions added by this mod. the politics of the viking culture was a bit confusing, and the culture didnt really fit in with the other cultures in the game, but it added a lot to the game, and it was a great mod. - leana hafer, february 8, 2022

a different culture in a different age is what makes crusader kings 2 such a great game. the world of the middle ages is an interesting place, and the great variety of cultures and events that occurred during that time allows you to build your own entirely unique experience with the game. whether you play as a barbarian tribesman, a king, or a merchant, youre always on a quest to find the best deal and look out for your subjects.

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