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Wargame Airland Battle Mods

We like to think that Romberg's character borrowed his name form 'our' Dime Novel Hero. In our 'on table' miniature operettas, the Red Shadow is an Algerian Scout predating the setting of Romberg's novel by up to 40 years. Out of disguise he is Pierre Birabeau, the bungling son of a general in the French foreign legion. In the opera, the Red Shadow is a masked bandit leading the Berber Tribes against the French. The name ' Red Shadow' is inspired by the character from Sigmund Romberg's 1926 operetta 'The Desert Song'. His adventures south of the Sahara bring him into conflict with the Mandingo Empire of Samori Tourey, The Tukulor Empire and the Central Sudan Sultanates. His great exploits bring him in contact with the French Foreign Legion, Zouaves, Chausseurs D'Afrique Spahis the Spanish, Germans, US Marines and of course the disparate warring Arab and Berber tribes. The Red Shadow is the inspirational nucleus for a series of wargame battles played with military figurines and set amidst France's pacification of Morocco, Algeria the Sahara and West Africa at the end of the 19th Century. One hundred and fifteen men has he killed with his own hands, fourteen great wounds received in battle. Usually attached to the Legion Etranger he is feared by the Arab Tribes as a the mighty desert warrior, undefeated in personal combat, unmatched in horsemanship and incomparable in marksmanship. The Red Shadow is an Algerian Scout (Goumiere) employed by the French in their pacification of South Eastern Morocco, Western and Southern Algeria. The Amazing Adventures of theĬolonial Adventure Wargaming in Africa 1880-1920 If you do end up taking on more players (I don't. Well, I'd have to uninstall Ash and Shadows mod for this, but hey, I can spectate if nothing else. In it hundreds of units from over a dozen nations fight it out on battlefields using land, air and sea forces.

Wargame Airland Battle Mods

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