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Buy New Rolex Daytona UPD

Hi man, im having a crazy dilemma and hope that you can help me. I have only one watch thats a rolex air king 116900 from year 2016. I have paid 4700 euros for a brand new one. Bear in mind im a student!. So now im trying to sell it so that i can buy a rolex submariner no date 114060. The dealers are offering me low ball money for my air king 4250 euros is the best offer.

buy new rolex daytona

So my plan is to sell the air king and buy the no date sub. But as you know a brand new sub no date is very hard to get. So schould i buy a used sub no date 114060 and how much should i pay ? or just keep hanging on to the air king 116900, so that it might be a future sought after rolex?. 041b061a72

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