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Twonky Server 7.0.9: How to Unlock the Advanced Features with the Special License Key

How to know latest version ?Go to =2&t=7653Look at NAS versions, you have a link to 7x version, at this time it's -Special/Find in this list the "Linux PowerPC glibc 2.2.5" at this time it's -Special/

Twonky 7.0.9 Special License Key


Hy Dav-M. Great job. Thx a lot! I upgraded succesfully yesterday and I tested a little bit my Samsung TV. All worked fine. But now I a problem appeared. The twonky has stopped and I have a licence error message: "Your trial version has expired. If you have previously entered a license key, try restarting your device running TwonkyServer." So i can do nothing in the moment, not even putting in my own bought twonky licence key now.

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