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It all began when I was delivering food up to some businessmen in one of the high rise buildings downtown. It was a hot summer day and I was wearing a pair of jean cutoff and a tank top that showed off my teen tits perfectly. Obviously, I noticed that some of the men were ogling me. Suddenly I became aware that I was hot and my shirt was clinging to my young breasts. Awkwardly, I felt self-conscious but I knew I commanded a lot of attention as a teen slut. As I was leaving a man in a tailored suit handed me a $100 tip.

teen sluts for hire

Watching me he was so excited he was already stroking his cock. I just continued to listen to music and tease and touch my body. Hooking my fingers into my skirt I slid it down my long legs and stood to allow him to see my pussy. I moved forward and sat on his thigh to rub my pussy against it. Being a teen slut this made me wet and excited. My panties grew wetter as I continued to ride his thigh.

I reached down and unbuttoned his shirt and spread it open. Leaning into him I whispered in his ear to cum on his belly as I watched. After that, he came instantly squirting hot sticky cum all over his stomach. I stood and removed my wet panties. I laid them gently over his cock. It was the teen slut in me that made me want to do that and he groaned loudly. Easily, I slipped off his lap and put my clothes on and he still sat there spent and relaxed. I kissed his cheek as I slipped the money from the table along with my phone into my hand and walked out of the room.

Fallon reached her hands down to grab her father's naked, sweaty buttocks, pulling his massive frame harder into her small, thin, tanned frame. Her head and shoulders were painfully bent upwards by the headboard on her bed, but she didn't care at the soreness in her shoulders and neck; this way, she got to stare at her Daddy's awesome body, his muscular, thick, manly shoulders and chest, covered in sweat and curly, salt-and-pepper hair, down to his firm abdomen. Jutting out of his flat pelvis was the most awesome cock ever invented in the world, an eight-inch, super-fat erection, crammed inside her teenage pussy, filling her aching hole as deep as anyone could reach. Her father was grunting with each thrust, leaning over his babygirl, plunging his penis repeatedly into his daughter's vagina.

She kept talking nasty to him, having learned it was what adult men loved. "Fuck me, Daddy, you're so fucking good to me, I love you, Daddy -- fuck my teen cunt, deeper, Daddy, OOH!" Her eyes rolled, she felt her body about to quake. "I'm gonna cum again, Daddy! Ohhh, YESSS!" Then Fallon squealed loud, her thin, tanned body erupting with a spasm that shook her limbs, exploding from her pussy, making her pant and moan, while her sweat-soaked, naked father continued pounding her with his meat, sinking his awesome erection into her gushing, sloppy-wet cunt.

Fallon could almost hear her sister shaking her head, over the phone. "C'mon, Fallon, your boyfriend is what, 18, 19? He can't help himself -- it's what teen boys do -- they act like teen boys. What you need, sis," the girl said without remorse, "is a married man for a boyfriend, or at least, to fuck you." The thin brunette cackled again, thinking it was another joke. But the older girl wasn't joking. "I told you about Mr. Orlando, the guy who I babysat for, right? It was the best sex ever -- just sex, lots of fun, he knew what he was doing, and he fucking loved me because I was way hotter than his wife."

Fallon was nervous as fuck, but she could see Billy's eyes on her body. Farrah had put her younger sister in a very tight, short red cocktail dress. It was strapless, showing Fallon's smooth, soft shoulders, and it clung to the petite teenager's A-cup boobies. The cocktail dress hugged Fallon's thin hips, and snugly fit around her petite shoulders and butt, stopped just below the brunette's buttcheeks. Fallon's long, black hair was pulled in a ponytail, and Farrah had her wear bright, metallic pink lipstick and thick, sweet perfume. Fallon felt like a hooker wearing the outfit, but when sexy Billy started looking over her shoulders, thin body, and exposed thighs, Fallon got wet in her panties. She felt like a piece of sexy meat -- and she loved it.

Fallon wasn't sure about this, pulling up a chair to Billy's desk in a cramped back room of the restaurant, filled with noises and smells from the kitchen and bar area. Under the tight red dress, her thong was digging into her asscrack, and she wasn't at all sure Farrah had such a good idea. But as the next few hours wore on, Fallon relaxed. Billy was constantly on the phone and going in and out, dealing with his staff of (mostly hot and busty) girls and the foreign cooks. Some of the bar's patrons were guys he knew on the force, and he slapped their hands and backs and gave them free drinks. But from the back room, Fallon could hear Billy steering other people clear of his office -- he was making sure no one paid attention to the teen girl in the tight red dress in the back room. But while he was in the room, Billy was really nice and funny. Knew lots of stories, told Fallon dirt about famous people in town he'd busted, cracked lots of jokes. His wife kept calling, interrupting him, and each time he'd scowl at Fallon like he was talking to someone he didn't like. Then, seeing how he smacked the butts of his hot waitresses, Fallon realized just why he was so playful with Farrah after hours.

But it seemed to me an illusion, as Farrah came into the office with her purse over her shoulder -- looking like it was time to leave. Fallon stood up next to her, as Farrah reported to her boss, "Place is ready now -- mind if we take off now, Billy?" Her boss, sitting behind his desk, shrugged his strong shoulders, giving his employee and her teen sister the go-ahead to go. Farrah asked if Billy was going to crash at the bar again, on his sofa, as he did most nights; he had a 90 minute drive home to the country where his family lived, and he had made a habit of leaving after sunrise. Gave him opportunity to bang a waitress, of course, now and then.

That's when Farrah giggled playfully. "Well, if you're crashing here tonight," she offered to her sexy married boss, "maybe you want some company, hmm?" And she used her elbow to nudge Fallon forward a step, as if offering her thin teen sister in the slutty red cocktail dress to her boss.

Fallon was blushing badly now, herself laughing at Farrah's antics -- she didn't even want to turn around, in case Billy was mad at Farrah for tempting him with a girl who only became legal a few weeks earlier. But turn around she did anyhow, finding the married man staring at her teen body in the dress. He was shaking his head, smiling a bit. "That's not fair," coughed the stud anxious, "of course she's hot, but she's probably not even legal!"

Billy came out from behind his desk, moving to the leather sofa against the wall. He pulled Fallon towards him, having the petite teen sit on his lap - sideways, her bony knees together at his one side, her creamy, tanned thighs on his lap. His hot breath fell on the naked skin of her slender neck and shoulders, as he admired her perfumed, small body from up close. "I have this rule," he muttered to her, "I don't hire any girls under 21 because I serve alcohol here and that leads to trouble, and I don't bang any girls under 20 because I don't want anyone accusing me of mistaking your age for being even younger than you are." His eyes were on the shape of her petite breasts, making hills in the tight fabric of the cocktail dress. "But baby, you're firkin' gorgeous -- I might have to break my rules -- you're really 18, right?"

She felt him unzipping her dress down her spine, and she didn't stop him when he also pulled up the hem, bunching the dress over her hips, exposing her black, lacy thong underneath. Through the lacy, semi-transparent fabric, his grownup eyes could see the shadow of her shaved, baby-smooth teenage slit, so young and enticing all at once. "Mmm, fuck," swore the pervert, "I really need to say no, but you're so fuckin' fine, honey." Then he laughed. "What did you say your name was -- I forgot?"

"Fallon," she answered with a snicker. She arched her back, pushing her dress down from her chest, so her naked boobs were now exposed to the male's eyes directly next to him. She saw him smile, eating up the sight of her perky, soft breasts and stiff, young nipples. She could feel his erection hardening in his jeans, against the side of her thigh. "And, these are my teen tits -- they want a married mouth, sooo badly!"

Suddenly, she was being ravished by the stud, who grabbed one boob in a big hand and started fondling it, while his mouth closed on the closer of her twin tits. Fallon moaned, arching more, giving her body to the grownup. He played with her firm, soft breast while salivating the other one, mauling it in his mouth, licking and suckling it. Then he licked over to the other tit, while she spun to face him, straddling his lap. She could feel the bulge in his pants against the damp crotch of her thong; she put her petite hands on his firm shoulders, grinding her aching cunt against his bulge, letting him devour her boobies in his warm, wet mouth. Just the animal energy of this adult male was so much more sexy than the inexperienced lust of a teen boy.

Billy stripped her dress off, then her thong, laying her naked body on his old, worn sofa. Shy pried open her thighs, gasping at him, "And here's my teenage pussy -- it wants a married dick so badly!"

The stud snickered, kneeling in front of her, bending down. "Naw, first, it's getting my married tongue," he told her, the he thrust his fat, long tongue into her tight vagina. "Fuck!" he growled, pulling out, "that's so tight -- so good -- motherfuckin' sexy, 18 year old pussy, oh shit!" His hands groped her smallish tits on her slim chest, while his tongue was powerfully thrusting into her twat. Fallon hadn't ever experienced a cunt-licking like this, not even from a teen girl who did her after a party one night, and suddenly she was already close to cumming. Meanwhile, Billy was muttering, "Fuckin' 18 year old pussy -- hottest pussy ever -- oh, baby, you have me so hard -- your pussy is fuckin' delicious!" 041b061a72

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